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about Us.

A. Friesen Online Services is 100% owned and operated by myself, Ana Friesen. In addition to being an entrepreneur, I am also a wife and mother living in the midwest, USA. 

Years ago, after starting my own business, I found a passion for web design and the vast potential the digital world holds for small businesses. 

My passion and knowledge have only grown and I now have a heart to help other entrepreneurs, creators, bloggers, and small businesses find success online.


Our focus.

We are passionate about providing businesses the online tools they need to reach success.
Website Building

Do you have a website that needs a bit of a facelift, or are you starting from scratch? We look forward to building the website your brand deserves.


Your brand is your business's very first impression. Proper branding and design is what connects your company to your community.

Ongoing Support

We offer a wide range of website maintenance services as well as monitoring and analytics for all of your digital platforms.

Blogging Services

Graphics, content creation, site optimization and more. We offer tailored services to meet every blogger's needs.


Who We Serve.

Are you a small business, or solo-entrepreneur? Having the right website, branding, and content is essential to any business.
Small Businesses

Start your journey with us now

We are not just a faceless name on a screen, we are personally here for you.


What goes into each service

This is how we do business. Within each service, we promise these expectations.

People First Values

As a small, family business we do not look at our clients as dollar signs. We look at each one as they are, real people! We are real people too. The people behind the brands will always be our first priority.


Fair, Set Prices

We use set pricing per project, no guesswork and no surprises. We always strive to make sure our clients know what to expect when it comes to our services and prices.



Communication is key when it comes to our services. Never worry about us not returning your message or not answering your questions. We are happy to help.


Tailored Services

We are not a cookie-cutter company. Each service is specially designed for each individual client. Everyone is different and has different needs; we strive to meet those unique needs.



Our Service Packages are guidelines we use to find out exactly what a client needs. If you only need a few of these services, or more than are shown, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Single Packages
  • Website Design
  • Digital Courses
  • Plugins
  • SEO
  • Content Migration
  • Analytics Set Up
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
Ongoing Packages
  • Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Updates
  • General Support
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Content Changes
  • Design Changes
Blogging Packages
  • Blog Audit
  • Graphics
  • Image Editing
  • Content
  • Mailing List
  • Affiliate Consult
  • Blog Coaching
  • SEO


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Why Select Us?

What makes us different? Why are we the right choice for you?

In this day and age, a strong online presence is crucial for any business. Start growing your business today with a top of the line, functional site to fit your every need.


We do not limit revisions on a project, and we do not charge for those revisions. Our goal is for each project to be completed to excellence.


Heart, soul, and determination go into each and every project. We strive to to ensure our clients are nothing short of thrilled with their results.


We are on a constant mission to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, algorithms, and trends to keep your business thriving.


Getting your project completed in a timely manner is a high priority to us! We understand the sooner your project is completed the sooner your business can grow!


We are a small business with old-fashioned, family values. We hold our business to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and hard work.


Our Blog

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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